A Concern for Many Adults

The removal of wisdom teeth is a topic of concern for many adults, including older teenagers and young adults. But is wisdom teeth removal a necessity? Does everyone need to have these teeth removed? Of course, the best answer is to consult with your dentist for a careful assessment of your unique circumstances.

While it’s just common sense that your dentist would know best, there are a few general reasons why it may make sense to remove your wisdom teeth. Of course, always consult with your dentist for the best recommendation.

General Reasons to Consider the Removal of Wisdom Teeth

  • Your Teeth Don’t Fit in Your Mouth
    Generally, most people have just enough room for 28 teeth in the mouth. Four extra wisdom teeth could be too many When your jaw is not big enough. In these situations, wisdom teeth removal may be necessary. Otherwise, your wisdom teeth could become impacted, or become misaligned.
  • You Feel Chronic Pain Near Your Wisdom Teeth
    As wisdom teeth drop and emerge from the jaw, bacteria can often emerge and grow. This can lead to an infection, know by dentists as pericoronitis. Saving the tooth requires improved oral hygiene in the infected area. However, tooth removal is often recommended in cases of recurrent pericoronitis, extensive decay, or tooth impaction.
  • The Potential for Misalignment
    Often, wisdom teeth do not emerge straight. The size of your mouth and jaw may force wisdom teeth to emerge sideways. Crowding could also cause your other teeth to shift over time.
  • The Potential for Developing Cysts
    In some cases, a cyst may develop around a wisdom tooth. This happens when the sac near the tooth is filled with fluid. This circumstance can ruin the surrounding tooth roots and bone structure. Untreated cysts can result in the development of a tumor which will certainly require an invasive surgical procedure.

Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

See David K. Buran for wisdom teeth removal in AcworthWhile we highlighted some general reasons and circumstances why you should have your wisdom teeth removed, our best advice is to come on in so we can take a careful look at your unique circumstances. We are wisdom teeth experts serving Cobb County for 25 years!

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