If you’re like most Americans you brush and floss regularly and see your dentist for professional checkups and cleanings, and that’s a good thing! Developing and maintaining good oral hygiene habits is essential for having a healthy smile. However, like most Americans, you may be doing other things every day that can put you teeth at risk!

Eliminate These Bad Oral Habits

At Buran Dentistry we want to help you have the healthy smile that you deserve. Here are 7 behaviors that can cause either immediate damage to your teeth (like chipping and cracking) or damage over time (like erosion of the tooth’s protective enamel coating or gum recession).

Brushing Too Forcefully and Frequently

Even with the right brush, you can still damage teeth and irritate gyms by applying it too forcefully. A gentle whisking is all that’s needed to break up bacterial plaque buildup on tooth surfaces. Ask your dentist about the proper technique if you’re not sure.

Brushing too often can also be damaging over time. Twice a day — morning and night — is sufficient. And, brushing immediately after eating can erode tooth enamel, which is weakened by acidity in foods and beverages. Wait at least 30 minutes.

Using the Wrong Toothbrush

Using a brush that’s too hard can cause your gums to recede and abrasion damage to tooth root surfaces. A soft-bristled, multi-tufted brush is ideal.

Grinding and Clenching

The dental term for tooth grinding and jaw clinching is called bruxing. This exerts excessive bite forces that can result in tooth wear, fractures or looseness, jaw pain and other symptoms. It often occurs while people sleep; a night guard can help protect against damage.

Chewing Ice Cubes

You know that blenders have special blades designed to chop up ice for you? Imagine that kind of wear and tear on your teeth! The force it takes your teeth (and jaws) to crunch through ice is far beyond what they’re designed to withstand.

Using Your Teeth as Tools

Teeth are designed for eating, not for tearing tags off clothing, ripping open a bag of pretzels or unscrewing bottle tops. Misusing them is a recipe for fractures, chips and cracks.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is important to oral health, as it neutralizes enamel-damaging acidity in your mouth and contains minerals that strengthen enamel. Dry mouth increases your risk of enamel erosion, cavities, and bad breath. Drink water regularly to avoid dry mouth.

Sugary Foods and Beverages

Sugary foods and drinks increase the risk of tooth decay. Sugar and carbohydrates (which break down into sugar) are favorite snacks for certain oral bacteria, which produce cavity-causing acid as they digest. Save the sugary snacks and drinks for limited special occasions.

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