Brushing your teeth is one of many health resolutions for 2016.Did you make any health resolutions for the new year? Why not consider a resolution for your teeth and smile. Healthier teeth are good for you, and a brighter smile can put the people around you in a happier mood, too.

Make 2016 a Great Year

All of us at the office of Dr. David Buran encourage you to pick a resolution that benefits your teeth and makes for a healthier smile. Here are 8 healthy resolutions that are great for your teeth, health and smile.

Choose one today for a healthy start to 2016:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Floss your teeth once a day
  • Gargle with mouthwash at least once a day
  • See your dentist every 6 months
  • Change your toothbrush every 3-6 months
  • Get pending dental work done
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  • Quit smoking

If you have any questions on how you can have a brighter smile in 2016, call Dr. Buran today!

Start the New Year with Dr. Buran

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