School is just about out and summertime activities are set to begin. That means a lot of play and fun for kids of all ages. However, for some, that play can often lead to injury and the increased chance of chipping a tooth.

First Steps

Your son or daughter has chipped a tooth. What should you do? The first step is to see if you can find the broken piece. Often, chip fragments can be bonded back onto the tooth. Of course the tooth should be evaluated and repaired as soon as possible. Short of life threatening injuries or severe pain, treatment within 12 hours is a reasonable amount of time to seek repair.

If the fragment can’t be found, then the tooth can be restored with tooth-colored filling composites, which are also physically bonded to the natural tooth. If properly done, these resin fillings can last for years and look perfectly natural. They may eventually need to be replaced with something more permanent. For baby teeth, this process is similar.

For Severe Injuries

Severe injury to a tooth may cause damage to the pulp — the living tissue within the tooth, which can become infected and die. In the case of a primary tooth, removing it is preferred in order to avoid damage to an underlying and developing permanent tooth. For a permanent tooth, severe injury may require root canal treatment.

For any tooth that is loosened or tender to the touch, and not necessarily chipped, it may require temporary stabilization with a process called splinting. Sometimes no treatment is required. For any fracture to a tooth’s root (the part below the gum line), the fracture may heal on its own; however, a thorough examination may offer details that additional treatment may be necessary.

It’s No Fun Chipping A Tooth

Chipping a tooth is no fun. But a thorough and proper evaluation of a tooth that has been hit or damaged is paramount for ensuring the health and function of the tooth. At David Buran Dentistry, we keep track of tooth recovery with observation and x-rays when necessary, and then monitor the recovery over time to ensure no permanent damage to the tooth has been done.

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