Spring Cleaning Tips from Your Dentist

Show your Spring season smile with our Spring cleaning tips.Spring will soon be here. And typical for this time of year are all the lists of Spring cleaning and maintenance tips that pop up for just about everything you can imagine – your car, home, roof, etc. Well, at David Buran Dentistry, we, too have a few Spring cleaning tips to offer. We really just want you to have the healthy Spring smile that you deserve.

Keep Your Mouth Clean with These Spring Cleaning Tips


Over 50? Dental Care Tips for You

Judith Ann Jones, DDS, a spokeswoman for elder care at the American Dental Association, notes that people over age 50 are keeping their teeth longer than ever before. That’s good news for many people!

However, Dr. Jones also urges caution. As you age, it is common to see dental problems arise. You’ll want to maintain your regular dental visits and follow these dental care tips, especially if you’re aged 50 or older.

‘Tis the season of candy! | David K. Buran Dentistry

‘Tis the season of candy! *Picture courtesy of https://www.mint.com/blog/consumer-iq/spooktacular-ways-to-reuse-leftover-halloween-candy-1013/ This time of year marks the beginning of a holiday season filled with candy and treats. It’s a wonderful time of year but not so much for your teeth. David K. Buran Dentistry wanted to give you some helpful information to Read more…