‘Tis the season of candy!

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This time of year marks the beginning of a holiday season filled with candy and treats. It’s a wonderful time of year but not so much for your teeth. David K. Buran Dentistry wanted to give you some helpful information to help you keep your teeth and your kids’ teeth healthy.


The reason that sugar and starch are not good for your teeth is because these actually feed the plaque and bacteria on your teeth. Candy, especially can wreak havoc on your teeth. Children’s tooth enamel isn’t mature until about a decade after their teeth erupt, so they are especially susceptible to the damage that candy can do to teeth. These candies are the worst culprits:


  1. Sticky candy: these types of candies tend to get stuck in tooth crevices, which means it stays on your teeth longer and is harder for saliva to wash it away. All that sugar that feeds the bacteria just sits there and feeds away.


  1. Sour candy: these candies contain a kind of acid that is the worst acid for your teeth. This acid can soften teeth, resulting in enamel erosion. Sour and sticky candy is a double whammy and the kinds that you should always avoid.


  1. Hard candy: most hard candies dissolve slowly, which means the bacteria has more time to produce harmful acids. Not to mention, some hard candies can actually chip teeth if bitten down on before they are softened.


We know this is a fun, exciting time of year for you and your kids, so we don’t want you to miss out on all the fun. Here are some helpful tips to enjoy some sweets without harming your teeth too much:


  • Eat chocolate (which is really good news if you ask me). Chocolate dissolves and rinses quickly in your mouth, which means the bacteria has less time to foster. Dark chocolate is even better because there is less sugar.
  • Eat sugar-free lollipops, hard candies and gum. Since there is no sugar, bacteria has less to feed on and the saliva that these candies stimulate helps to rinse your mouth.
  • Drink more water. Water not only helps rinse your mouth, but fluoridated water can help prevent tooth decay also.
  • Always brush twice a day and floss at least once.



We hope you all have a Happy Halloween and enjoy your candy, but make sure to keep your teeth healthy! Call David K. Buran Dentistry at 770-943-0701 if it’s time for your teeth cleaning!