This is to all my favorite dental patients, and you know who you are. Now everyone reading this is saying, “yeah, she’s talking to me!” Well, not so… #disappointed.

Anyhow, it’s been recently reported in the media that flossing is not necessary. This is absolutely false information, blasphemous, even!!

Here’s an experiment: pull out a piece of meat from between your teeth that’s been hanging out there the past couple of days; you know, the one from Nanny’s Sunday supper. Put your nose to it…I bet it doesn’t smell like it did last Sunday. Flossing goes way beyond removing unsightly debris from between your teeth. It removes the diseased gross bacteria that makes your gums all swollen and bleedy. Yes, BLEEDY!

You need to floss - really!Not flossing is like shampooing your hair, but not scrubbing your scalp. It’s like showering, but not using soap. It’s like shaving your legs, but only from the knee down (and ladies, some of you need to get the tops of those feet and toes…just saying). It’s like wiping a baby’s butt, but missing the crack. Yikes!

I believe you all get the message now. You still need to floss. You’re welcome.

-Your friendly neighborhood hygienist