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Professional Teeth Whitening

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Confused about the various teeth whitening options available to you? Get acquainted with some basic information today. For more questions, contact Dr. Buran to discuss the professional teeth whitening options most appropriate for you.

Do I Really Need Teeth Whitening?

Temporary New Address – Effective Jan 3, 2018

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Many of you may already know that the city of Powder Springs is buying the building where our business has been located for 18 years (28 total years in Powder Springs). Because of this, we are being forced to move out of our current office.

We’re Moving – Our New Address

85 Golf Crest Drive, Suite 105 Acworth, GA 30101

(770) 943-0701

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Office Hours

Wednesday: 8am – 6pm Thursday: 7am – 5pm Friday: 7am – 2pm

We will be moving to our temporary location effective January 3. Dr Mark Justice is being generous enough to let us share his office space in his Bentwater Village location. Our phone number will remain the same. Please call if you have any comments or questions. Thank you for your confidence and trust in our practice. We appreciate each of you.

How to Help Bad Breath During the Holidays

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Simple Steps for Fresh Breath This Holiday Season

How to help bad breath - follow these simple steps.Suffering from bad breath? You’re not alone. According to WebMD, millions of Americans suffer from bad breath (halitosis). And, it’s no surprise that bad breath can affect your social and business life, and leave you more self-conscious and prone to embarrassment. That’s not what you want during the holiday season!

But, the good news is that you can minimize and reduce bad breath very easily. Here’s how to help bad breath and be ready for the holiday season:

Keeping Teeth Healthy at Halloween

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Keeping teeth healthy at Halloween with Dr Buran.Halloween is a holiday that many kids eagerly anticipate. Naturally, they are thrilled with dressing up in costumes, but an even bigger thrill is the thought of candy. While enjoying candy is not the worst thing a kid can do, here are some tips for keeping teeth healthy at Halloween.

Parents Set the Rules: As a parent, you can do your part to manage the quantity of sweets your children consume. There’s no need to be overly protective about it, but you also need to set reasonable expectations for your child.

New Patients

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