Keeping Teeth Healthy at Halloween

Keeping teeth healthy at Halloween with Dr Buran.Halloween is a holiday that many kids eagerly anticipate. Naturally, they are thrilled with dressing up in costumes, but an even bigger thrill is the thought of candy. While enjoying candy is not the worst thing a kid can do, here are some tips for keeping teeth healthy at Halloween.

Parents Set the Rules: As a parent, you can do your part to manage the quantity of sweets your children consume. There’s no need to be overly protective about it, but you also need to set reasonable expectations for your child.


Tooth-Friendly Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

With the Easter Holiday approaching, many kids (and grown-ups, too) are hoping to find some sweet and tasty treats in the easter basket this year. Certainly, we would encourage you to enjoy your treats in moderation. We would also recommend that you stay diligent with your brushing regimen to keep your teeth healthy and clean.


A New Easter Tradition

However, if you’re worried about the kids getting too many sweets, take a look a new trend for the holiday – non candy easter baskets. Below are just a few ideas you might consider!